Am I Cool Enough to Eat at Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza?

Ever walk into a place and immediately think, maybe I’m not cool enough to be here? That was what it was like walking into Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza. It’s loud, it’s packed and everyone is laughing. Daunting as fuck, but don’t let that stop you.

I was told Anthony’s Pizza is the best pizza in the area. I thought it would be an upscale pizzeria, where you were expected to eat a pie with a knife and fork. What I got instead, blew my mind. The reason Anthony’s Pizza feels so intimidating in the beginning is because it reminds you of that popular guy in school who everyone likes and you want to hate but you can’t, because they are in fact marvelously charming. The place is a good size but, it feels smaller with everyone intimately crammed and talking loudly. It’s a classy but comfortable joint, with dark wood and memorabilia everywhere, giving it a mancave vibe. Which fits perfectly with the service at Anthony’s, everyone is having a good time but getting shit done.

I walked into Anthony’s tired, angry and hungry, and they did exactly what a restaurant is supposed to do. They fed my soul. The salad is zesty, the ribs are fall off the bone and the pizza is absolutely delicious. I got the meatballs and ricotta pizza. The meatballs will simultaneously slap you in the taste buds and melt in your mouth. It’s a fucking miracle. Also, they stock beer from Wynwood Brewery, which I wanted to try since I got to Florida. The ingredients were fresh, the beer was local and vibe was jovial. If I have to give one criticism, the service was friendly but it wasn’t perfect. The waiter did forget my soup. The truth is, I didn’t finish my pie and when he brought the salad for the table, I knew there was no way I could have eaten all of it, so it worked out in the end.

Honestly, I hate Anthony’s because of how jealous I am of their good food, good people and good vibes. They are doing what every restaurant tries to do, feed your belly and your soul. Not exactly what you would expect from a chain. Leaving Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza made me wish that I lived in Florida so it could become my pizza joint and that I was cool enough to hang out there all the time. You never know though, maybe with a few return visits I could become a special guest some day. Even if I never meet their level of awesome. Anthony’s is definitely a new restaurant for me to look out for. If there is one in the area I am certainly going to try to visit. I’m very interested to find out if that restaurant recipe was successfully replicated. Either way I will always be grateful to Anthony for saving my friday night.

Want to get some incredible pizza or bask in the warmth at Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza? Check out their website at www.acfp.comFacebook, or Instagram.


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