The Importance of a Birthday Cake


Most of us have grown up with birthday cakes from even before we could properly eat it. At your mom’s baby shower there was probably a cake celebrating the miracle of you. Chances are you have been to a first birthday party. The baby couldn’t eat much of it, they couldn’t blow out the candles and they probably won’t remember it but you went and carried a gift and sang to the little one. Why did you do that? It is because birthdays and Birthday Cakes by extension are incredibly important.

Birthday cakes are the best cakes in the world. They aren’t like regular cakes, they are  intrinsically special. Any cake can be a birthday cake but once it becomes a birthday cake it is significant. Magical even. There is singing, lights, smiles and even a wish. It doesn’t need to be an incredibly lavish ritual but it is an important one. Dating back to the times of ancient Rome, those cakes may not look like what we are accustomed to today. That evolution happened closer to the 17th century. There are even many variations of birthday cake and the ritual that surrounds it. Some cultures sing, others have candles most have both. However the sentiment is mostly the same. It is the one day a year where you are allowed to unapologetically celebrate your life.

Having a birthday cake should make you feel special. It is a cake just for you. Celebrating you, and your time on this earth. The person who got you the cake cares for you enough to go out of their way to make sure you had something sweet on your special day. Even if that person is you. There is one person who cares about you and that is something. The argument is that everyone gets one and it comes around every year so it isn’t that special. However, we all deserve reasons to celebrate, especially ourselves. It may seem insignificant, but life is hard and another birthday is an achievement, and for that… you deserve a cake.

We all deserve a little sweet. We eat dessert at the end of a meal because after a main course we crave a little sweet to end things off. Your birthday is the end to your year where you can finish it off accordingly, with your personal dessert. This brings up a good point; your birthday cake should be your favorite type of cake. Some people change favorites a lot based on their mood. Just make sure you are getting exactly what you want at that time. It might not ever really be about the flavor of the cake, more about trying something new. That is fine too. Just make sure that whatever cake you get, it is special.

Finally, there is a wish. One of the things that separates birthday cakes from regular cakes is that it comes with a wish. These things shouldn’t be taken lightly. That wish is sacred. Think about it and use it wisely. Let it be the intention for your year to come. You earn that wish by not giving up. Now is the time to mentally call whatever it is you want from life. No matter how unrealistic and crazy it may seem, ask for it. You may be surprised.

Regardless of if you agree with the importance or power of a Birthday Cake, we hope this helped you to understand why some people are so picky about this treasured ritual. Wish the birthday person all the best and genuinely hope they enjoy every last bit of their cake. Everyone deserves one, even Harry Potter living in the cupboard under the stairs got a birthday cake.

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