Current State of Affairs, Part 4

Another year, another check in. Part 4… that is wild.

If you have been following the blog, you may have noticed that content has been incredibly inconsistent. This is partly due to the fact that globally every thing is awful and doing anything feels impossible but also because that was kind of the plan. In the last ‘Current State of Affairs, Part 3‘ the plan was to post less but post better content. We did post less and we did post better content.

However, while the content is better, it is basically a tickle now, if so much. Also the stuff I have been working on is great, just not sure if I will ever finish it or feel confident enough about it to post. Nonetheless it is good. I have been considering a one post every two weeks schedule, however that may just be enough time to forget about it for a week, be anxious that I have to post for a week and then be depressed for 2 days after when I miss the deadline. The blog is still just a hobby, as always I takes a lot of time and energy. Giving the articles more time feels like they should be exponentially better however growth feels a bit stunted at times. The more time equates to an expectation of greatness and that expectation is definitely weighing me down.

As always there are loads of ideas in the pipeline. I’ve been learning more about social media and creating great content there. Instagram has been an awesome place to interact. Seeing what everyone is eating, learning and cooking is awesome, especially doing it with supporters of the blog is a great time. Even on that page there has been a lot of experimenting. I think I may have come up with a cool idea as how to present ourselves a little better on that platform. That idea may be most effective by deleting everything and starting over from scratch. Which simply fills me with anxiety. Although the thought of doing that is incredibly intriguing.

A deep thank you to everyone reading this post. It means so very much. Any interaction goes a long way. It feels great to know that people care about all the work that we do and knowing that it makes your day a little bit better even in the slightest way is wonderful. I truly appreciate everyone who reads, likes, shares or comments on anything that we do. If you haven’t already, please join table, subscribing directly to the blog and following us on our Instagram page and our Facebook page. They really are fun places to go for good food content.

Also, if you would like to read one of the new-ish articles we have been working on, check out, ‘The Importance of a Birthday Cake‘ and ‘The Complexities of the Momo‘.

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