Eat Pizza When You Are Heatbroken.

The thing is, pizza is great, and heart break is horrible. In my experience, if you mix the two, you pretty much break even. Sure you can eat something healthier but will that make you happier? Probably in the long run, since your health may improve over time with a good diet. But right now,…

Happy Valentine’s Day From How We Eat.

Happy Valentine’s Day from How We Eat. Remember today isn’t about relationships, it’s about love. Try to show a little bit of love in everything you do. I recommend only eating things you love today. Love dessert? Order six pieces of cake. Like alcohol? Ten shots. Into tacos? Taco-down the whole menu. Whatever you do….

Is ‘Please Like Me’ actually a food show?

*SPOILER ALERT* ‘Please Like Me’ is an Australian comedy/drama (dramedy?) that follows main character, Josh, around for four seasons. The critically acclaimed series touches on subjects such as, mental health, lgbt+ and millennial issues. Doesn’t sound like a foodie show? However, I have a theory that it is in fact a food show. For example,…

Happy Chinese New Year.

  Happy Chinese New Year! The Chinese New Year is based on the Lunar New Year. It isn’t very significant to many people, but in my family it is an important event. Yet another reason for us to gather; eating, drinking and celebrating what is to come next. If you needed an excuse to order…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Thank you for all the support in 2019 and we look forward to eating with you in 2020!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is finally here! Happy Holidays to you! Thank you for reading!

How To Start Appreciating Wine

Bajans do not come from a grand wine tradition, we are rum drinkers. In countries such as France, Argentina and South Africa people grow up on wine, as a result they have a deep appreciation for wine, while we treasure spirits. Wine goes hand in hand with fine dinning, which can make it even more…

#ZeroHunger – Five Simple Things To Do

The theme this year for World Food Day is #ZeroHunger. This theme is about more than ending hunger, it is about thoughtful eating. Barbados is fortunate enough that most of our population has access to food, however the way we consume food is unsustainable. Our diets are made up of unhealthy foods that are damaging…

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! When you have access to food, there is always a reason to be grateful.

Happy Anniversary!

Two years of How We Eat! Thank you for being here and supporting us. This blog was a manic idea that has turned into two years of hard work. We appreciate every view, every like, every share and every comment. Every person in this community is awesome and we treasure all of you. If you…