Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Wishing you a day full of joy, laughter and delicious food.

How To Protect Your Butter Cookies.

Christmas isn’t Christmas unless you have butter cookies. Although most people don’t take butter cookies if you ask them if they would like some, the minute you pop those bad boys open, everyone and their mother wants one. The problem is, they never stop at one. Everyone eats at least three. Thats basically a whole…

We Have A Facebook Page!

We finally made our own Facebook page. We usually only have original content on here but on our Facebook page we will be posting loads of videos, articles and pictures of all things food related. To join the community, click here. Make sure to follow us, here and there! See you soon.

Denny’s for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I’ve never had a real Thanksgiving experience. I’ve had a few Friendsgiving’s, but I’ve never had a proper American Thanksgiving. Therefore most of my ideas around Thanksgiving are based on tv. There must be some sort of unexpected problem that threatens to ruin the day but ultimately ends with everyone being happy and thankful to…