Denny’s for Thanksgiving Dinner.

I’ve never had a real Thanksgiving experience. I’ve had a few Friendsgiving’s, but I’ve never had a proper American Thanksgiving. Therefore most of my ideas around Thanksgiving are based on tv. There must be some sort of unexpected problem that threatens to ruin the day but ultimately ends with everyone being happy and thankful to have each other in their lives.

This year I was actually in the United States of America for Thanksgiving and had a surprising amount of family around, however we didn’t manage to come together for the American Holiday. As a result, my Thanksgiving meals were Dominos pizza for lunch, and dinner at Denny’s. The point of this trip wasn’t Thanksgiving, it was Black Friday. Big Business’ way of making sure every holiday is commercialized. Since I was fully celebrating Black Friday, I rationalized that it was ok Thanksgiving took a back seat.

For dinner Denny’s was packed. We had to wait twenty minutes for a table, which gave me time to people watch. Something about it was just kind of enjoyable. 15 tables per server, but everything feels ok. You can see most of the people eating there are families. There’s a guy Facetiming his older brother, while eating with his little brother. There’s an adorable elderly couple sitting talking to the manager on duty. It seems as though they are regulars and they are about to get free slices of pumpkin pie. I keep wondering, is it special because it is Thanksgiving? Yes, The restaurant is slammed, but everything seems ok. I keep wondering if everyone in Denny’s is dreaming about an ideal Thanksgiving that they see on television.

There is something endearing about this whole set up. I feel bad for the restaurant workers because, I can’t help wondering ‘wouldn’t you guys prefer to be home, full to the brim with your families?’ But that’s not really an option all the time in the restaurant business. Either way, they seem to be making the best of it, being efficient and surprisingly pleasant. It’s not what I imagined, but its nice. It’s weird. Part of me thinks that this is all brainwashing. Maybe I’ve watched so many Thanksgiving day specials that I need to have a warm and fuzzy feeling or else it isn’t Thanksgiving. In the end, I’m pretty happy with my first attempt at Thanksgiving although, I still want to have a proper Thanksgiving some day. Then I can really compare experiences. Maybe next year.


Dinner at Denny’s was surprisingly nice. The place is packed. We had to wait twenty minutes for a table. 15 tables per server. I honestly thought this being such a big holiday it would be empty but, this just goes to show, tv doesn’t always take into account the outcasts who don’t have a place to go or have a chef in the family able to cook a whole turkey

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