Experimenting With Making The Perfect Brownie

The question whether fudgey or cakey brownies are better has been posed. While automatically my mind goes to cakey brownies, when I really think about it, fudgy brownies can be incredibly dense and overwhelming. Which led me to believe that maybe I am a cakey brownie type of guy. After trying to figure it out by myself for far too long I realized the only way to settle this problem is by trying them out side by side.

This led me to my big experiment of making three batches of brownies. One fudgey, one cakey and one that was a bit in between but much more cost effective. After the long process of choosing out and developing recipes, I finally started to bake.

Although the recipes are different, they all came out good. They were just different. The fudgey brownie was delicious and decadent but it is very heavy and over powering. It is the type of dessert that you should eat with a friend when you are having a cheat day and want to go all out. It isn’t the type of dessert to have when you just want a small sweet snack. You kind of need to walk it off or have a nap after.

While the cakey brownie is less decadent it still packs good flavor. Truth be told this turned out to be my least favorite brownie. It tastes good, but next to the fudgey brownie it was just kind of lacking. If you want a cake, bake a cake, but if you want a brownie make a BROWNIE.

Lastly, my winner; The Economic, In-Between Brownie. While the other two recipes called for chocolate, this recipe only asks for cocoa powder. Interestingly, the result was incredible. It was decadent but not over powering. It satisfies your craving for chocolate and sugar without going overboard. However, I must say the top of this brownie could not compare with the top on the fudgey brownie.

This is just a stepping stone on my Brownie Quest. There is much more to figure out. Such as add-ins, ratios? Brown sugar vs White sugar? Icing on top? Finding my perfect brownie will be no easy task, however I refuse to turn back now. How about you? What’s your favorite type of brownie? Is there any defining factor which a brownie must have?

Experimenting With Making The Perfect Brownie

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