Why You Should Be Thinking About Getting A WSET Certification.

I don’t get all the fuss about wines. I like wine. I think its a fun way to spend the afternoon. God knows it gets me real drunk, real fast, but I don’t understand the pretentious side of wine where people almost compete to detect more notes in wine, than Mozart has ever used. Wine is fun. Why ruin it by trying to make someone feel bad because their palate may not be as sophisticated as yours? There is a certain pompousness associated with wine drinkers, however it isn’t the wine’s fault their fan base is horrible.

As I said before I like wine. It is a beautiful product from a relatively simple process. The passion comes into play when people take wine making to the next level. They don’t simply make wine; they grow it, they care for it and elevate it into art. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is able to appreciate the care that goes into the creation of wine. For many people it is simply alcoholic grape juice that is cheap at the supermarket. WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) is the remedy for this train of thought. Learning about wine helps you to really appreciate everything that goes into a bottle. Not all wines are created equally, but that also doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for every bottle.

There is nothing wrong with going to the grocery store and buying the biggest box of wine you can find and chugging that alcoholic grape juice like it came with a straw.  There is a place for every bottle/box of wine. However, this course may not be for you. The WSET course is for people who are fans but are aware that their knowledge needs some help. It is marketed to people in the wine/food business nonetheless, I believe any fan can benefit. If you are probably going to spend $100 bucks a month on alcohol, why not spend a little extra, so you know you are getting the good stuff?

Truth time, I buy a lot of wine and I had a vague idea of what I was buying, but the truth is wine labels confuse me. How do I know it’s a bottle of Syrah if at no point do they put ‘SYRAH’ on the label? Completely confused. Now I understand it is all about regions, and if  you know where the bottle is coming from, then you know what type of wine/grape it is.

*Mind Blown*

Do you know the amount of good bottles of wine I have missed out on because I couldn’t decode what the hell was inside? Well, not any more. Now I’ve gone through some training so now at least I know its ok to not know the random European village and ask a bloody question. I said all of this to say, knowledge is power. If you enjoy wine, learn about it. You won’t get all of it immediately but from what I can see, this is a lifelong addiction. You might as well buy the good stuff. WSET is your decoder ring. They will teach you all the basics and show you how to taste so you can get the most out of every drunken experience. Best part they serve wine as part of the course!

Tell us why do you like wine? Better yet, what awesome wine stories do you have? Always a good time when a group of friends open a bottle of wine.


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