Eat Pizza When You Are Heatbroken.

The thing is, pizza is great, and heart break is horrible. In my experience, if you mix the two, you pretty much break even. Sure you can eat something healthier but will that make you happier? Probably in the long run, since your health may improve over time with a good diet. But right now,…

Travel: Trinidad.

We are planning a trip to Trinidad and Tobago. I used to visit frequently but I haven’t been there in years. They have some of the best Caribbean food in the region. It is goin to be a blast getting back into it. We need recommendations on things too try that might not be common….

Happy Valentine’s Day From How We Eat.

Happy Valentine’s Day from How We Eat. Remember today isn’t about relationships, it’s about love. Try to show a little bit of love in everything you do. I recommend only eating things you love today. Love dessert? Order six pieces of cake. Like alcohol? Ten shots. Into tacos? Taco-down the whole menu. Whatever you do….

Is ‘Please Like Me’ actually a food show?

*SPOILER ALERT* ‘Please Like Me’ is an Australian comedy/drama (dramedy?) that follows main character, Josh, around for four seasons. The critically acclaimed series touches on subjects such as, mental health, lgbt+ and millennial issues. Doesn’t sound like a foodie show? However, I have a theory that it is in fact a food show. For example,…