Is ‘Please Like Me’ actually a food show?



‘Please Like Me’ is an Australian comedy/drama (dramedy?) that follows main character, Josh, around for four seasons. The critically acclaimed series touches on subjects such as, mental health, lgbt+ and millennial issues. Doesn’t sound like a foodie show? However, I have a theory that it is in fact a food show. For example, all the episode titles are related to food. One of the main sets is the kitchen, where they are constantly preparing or consuming something. In later seasons, Josh even owns a coffee & candy cart. Furthermore, my favorite episode is just them having dinner. All reasons to lead me to believe that ‘Please Like Me’ is in fact, a food show.

Many important moments revolve around food.

It may just be a coincidence that the characters are constantly eating, because people in real life are constantly in the process of eating. However, the thing about scripted shows is that everything is put there for a reason. Not always logical reasons, but reasons none-the-less. Everything is a choice even if it is supposed to represent a random choice. All food was put there for a reason. You wouldn’t choose to put that much food there unless, it was in fact, a food show.

All the episode titles are food related.

‘Please Like Me’ never felt like it had an agenda. They tackled many issues but almost by accident. They weren’t trying to take a stance on any particular topic, it was more like ‘these are issues our characters are dealing with and this is how they handled it/didn’t handle it’. Nothing exemplified this more than the fact that most of the episode names are food names as opposed to descriptions of the episodes events. It’s just what they happened to be eating in the episode. Which is more common in food shows as opposed to a drama driven by events.

Episode 404 – Degustation.

My last piece of evidence for why ‘Please Like Me’ is actually a food show, is the episode, 404 – Degustation. In the episode, Josh takes his parents out for a nice dinner. That was it. They ate, they talked, they drank and they laughed. It was a heartwarming episode but literally all they did was have dinner. A fantastic dinner, but it was just dinner. However, this turned out to be the best episode of the entire series. That’s the great part about this series, it’s just about life. Sometimes you take your parents out for dinner, just cause.

‘Please Like Me’ may not be a food show but it has done a good job of showing how our lives revolve around food, even if it isn’t intentional. Many of the pivotal scenes seem to happen in some relation to food. They used food as a brilliant device. I know it isn’t a food show but they have done such a wonderful job tapping into the power of food, it should be a food show. Our lives revolve around food. No matter what happens it has to be a constant or we will die. Regardless of what is happening, sooner or later we are going to have to eat. It can be incredibly, exciting or incredibly mundane, the choice is up to you. Either way, I suggest picking a few snacks and watching a few episodes of ‘Please Like Me.’ I watched the whole series on Netflix, if you are hungry for a few episodes.


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