Eat Pizza When You Are Heatbroken.


The thing is, pizza is great, and heart break is horrible. In my experience, if you mix the two, you pretty much break even. Sure you can eat something healthier but will that make you happier? Probably in the long run, since your health may improve over time with a good diet. But right now, you are sad and I’m giving you a pass to take down that whole pizza.

Pizza is a happy food. You’ve eaten it in so many great times it can withstand the bad times. There are some heartbreaks that are so bad if you eat certain things now, they will always be associated with the bad times. The last thing you need is to never be able to eat lasagna because it reminds you of this awful time in your life.

Now is the time to eat crappy food that you never really liked. Casserole is no one’s favorite food. You may tolerate it or even like it to some extent, but it is not your favorite. I doubt anyone on death row has ever requested casserole as their last meal. At a funeral, eat the casserole. It is fine to not want to eat that crap for two years.

Pizza on the other hand is resilient. You love pizza and you aren’t going to live a life without pizza. You can eat pizza in the worst of times, hell you can cry into your pizza… but you will still eat it. Even if pizza does remind you of the heartbreak, sooner or later, your cravings will become so intense or you will get so drunk that nothing is going to stop you from diving into a pepperoni pie. 

Remember; love comes, love goes. Bad things happen, but pizza is forever. No matter what happens, you will always find your way back to pizza. There will always be another pie, especially if you live in New York City. They are crawling with slices.

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