Why Is Champers So Successful?


If you live in Barbados, at some point you have probably dined at Champers or at least wanted to go there for dinner. Champers is a fine dining restaurant on the South Coast of Barbados with a lovely view overlooking the sea. It is a staple on the Bajan food scene, but how did this local operation become so successful? Simply put: consistency, accessibility and innovation.


Consistency is key. Every restaurant wants it, but for many it is unobtainable. Consistency with food is difficult to achieve. Consistency with service can be damn near impossible. Champers has both. There are many places known as love it or hate it joints. There is no in-between. This is a problem usually due to inconsistency. Sometimes everything is working together and it is good, other times it is a mess and it is horrible. The experience that you have dictates your affection for the place. Most people who go to Champers enjoy their experience and many others may acknowledge it is a good restaurant even though it may not be their favorite restaurant. This is because regardless of when you go, the experience is always more or less the same. There is a reputation of reliability. That goes a long way. Having a big operation and lots of guests means things can get complicated but that doesn’t stop them from giving you the same exceptional experience every time.


Champers is a fine dining restaurant but it is incredibly accessible. Whether you are a tourist or a local, the prices are comparable to other restaurants in Barbados. The difference is the value. They get a lot of stuff right. Good service, good food and a great location. The portion sizes are substantial, especially when you consider the quality of the ingredients being used. Fresh fish, lamb shanks and beef short ribs are just some of the standards on the menu. Many fine dining restaurants take pride in creating an elitist atmosphere, however at Champers everyone is welcomed and treated with the utmost respect without being condescending and that is priceless.


Innovation may seem like the antithesis of consistency however, Champers has used the two together in a recipe for success. Good food and good service are always necessary. Nonetheless, that should not get in the way of renovating and improving your products. One reason why Champers is so popular for birthdays is because of the care they take to celebrate with you. They are known for decorating the table, printing special menus and bringing out a sparkler candle to wish you a happy birthday. It is lovely. These special touches are not standard at other restaurants and just goes to show how Champers finds ways to make your experience even better. Furthermore, simple services which other restaurants use to up-sell, Champers is willing to do for free or at a minimal charge such as a cake cutting fee. Some innovations are not directly about making money it is simply about adding value to the whole experience.

Champers is a wonderful restaurant because they manage to find balance. They are fine dining without being pretentious. Innovative while being consistent. If you are ever given the opportunity to visit this Bajan institution, make sure to do so with a full heart and an empty belly, because by the time you are ready to leave both will be over flowing.

For more information on Champers and to book a reservation, visit their website at www.champersrestaurant.com.

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