Current State of Affairs, Part 3

After almost three years, we are finally finding some direction with the blog and figuring out what we are doing here. It is pretty easy to look at something like a blog and think anyone can do it because it is so accessible. However, a lot more goes into it than you would ever know from the outside. A lot more went into it than I expected. It takes constant creativity, hard work, resilience and persistence. More than ever before, ‘How We Eat’ is finally getting on track. I’ve been doing a lot of research and it has become clear that the way I blog is incredibly antiquated. I have committed to a weekly blog post schedule regardless of quality. The only thing that matters is that I put out at least one post a week. This attitude has helped me build consistency. However, now that I have proven I am able to be consistent and have built a considerable archive of articles, it is time to focus on other aspects of the blog.

The goal for next year is to create better content. It has been difficult for me to figure out what content will do well. Going viral is the goal but isn’t a thing I have been able to do yet. It is more like a steady incline trying to reach people interested in the kind of content I make. However, I have noticed in the last few months, I have been getting better at captivating an audience. Part of that seems to come from the fact that I have been promoting more across different social media platforms, and hopefully part of it is that my writing is getting better.

It is fulfilling to work on this blog. It is very much a passion project for me. Even if it is a massive amount of work. It makes me crazy, insecure and irritable, but it is always satisfying to complete an article. As of now, it is not financially sustainable which makes me question if it is worth the monetary or emotional investment I have put into it so far. Nonetheless, for now at least, I am committed to keeping it going and having fun with it. I have always said what I would really like to create is a community of foodies who not only love food, but love the act of eating itself. I just wanted to say again thank you to everyone who follows us on any platform; likes, comments or shares any of our posts. Special thank you to anyone who consistently shows up to support. We see you and appreciate everything you do.

Lastly, the research shows that in the beginning stages one of the most important things is self-promotion. Unfortunately, I am horrible at this. I am incredibly shy about showing my work to my friends and family. Nonetheless, they are meant to be your first audience. The ones who help you gauge what is good and then be your advocates to bring content to a wider audience. While acknowledging I am not good at this, I am asking for some help. If you like what we do here, please interact, and share. There is a lot of good stuff here, that I think people can appreciate. If you disagree, feel free to tell me what kind of content you would like to see. I would love any input to make things better. In the mean time, please join us on all of our platforms and share them on your platforms. Let’s make this community bigger and better than ever. Thank you guys again for all your support and we will see you next week.

If you haven’t already please subscribe directly to the blog. You can also join us on Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, just to see how much progress we have made, check out last year’s, ‘Current State of Affairs, Part 2‘.

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