100 Posts!

www.HowWeEat.net now officially has 100 Posts!

This is a weird thing to post but I can’t believe we have made it here. 100 posts! Feels like one hell of an achievement. It has taken us quite some time. A few of the posts may not be up to scratch, but we got here all the same.

Now that we are here, the next thing to do is edit. As I hinted in, Current State of Affairs, Part 3, from next year we won’t be posting on this schedule. We will be slowing it down to focus on creating better content. Also, many of the substandard posts on our site may be disappearing soon. If you ever wanted to read every post on HowWeEat.net now is the time, because many of these posts will be leaving us. Realistically, this post won’t be making the cut. So enjoy it while it lasts. For a few good articles you may have missed, check out;

Once again and forever, thank you. You reading this, makes writing it worthwhile. I appreciate ever time you like, comment, share or any other way you support. It all makes a difference. Much gratitude and we will see you in the next one.

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