The Unfortunate Dilemma of Getting a Hot Dog

It is just after midnight and my day is finally winding down. I’m not ready for bed but I am in bed, then my belly decides to rumble. I’m not terribly hungry but I worked out today and it seems like my body is demanding a little extra sustenance. I could really go for a hot dog right now. Not just any hot dog, I could go for a bull dog, the meatier, tastier cousin to the hot dog. One of those perfect bull dogs with everything on top and just the slightest bit of pepper sauce to make your tastebuds come alive. A coke too. I could definitely go for a coke… maybe a bag of chips too. Just so that my palate can warm up for the meaty goodness I deserve. While I am at it, a doughnut would be perfect to end my late night snack on a sweet note.

The problem is, it is after midnight and the longer I plan my fantasy menu the later it gets. As much as I would like a bull dog right now, it is becoming more and more apparent that I really don’t NEED a bull dog or the accoutrements. I’d have to get in my car and drive to a gas station, hoping they have a few fresh ones ready for me to pick up. Which means I won’t get to bed before one a.m.

Furthermore, it is not like I don’t have food in my fridge right now. I made a huge batch of chicken and broccoli this weekend for exactly this type of scenario. If I am being honest, the chicken and broccoli may also be marginally healthier than the doughnut and coke combination planned. The trouble is, I’m not convinced the chicken and broccoli will be remotely as fulfilling as the bull dog right now. It is like when you meet someone and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are the one tonight. There are loads of alternatives but tonight there is only one true option.

Unfortunately, the gas station extravaganza I have planned is going to cost at least twenty bucks. It feels like every time fuel prices go up, they feel the need to raise the prices of snacks too. Twenty dollars isn’t terribly a lot of money, it is just that I have been saving. Too many whimsical food runs add up over time. This isn’t even a proper meal I am splurging on, this is a late night craving that has gotten way out of hand when you consider the palate cleansing lollipop that is starting to feel more and more necessary. Wouldn’t it be better to save the money now and treat myself to a nice dinner sometime soon? When I really need it.

Besides this feels like a fleeting desire. I know I would like a bull dog right now, but realistically if I get one right now, would I even remember it tomorrow? I may even regret it soon after I wake up from my food coma at four a.m. to brush my teeth. There is no guarantee it will be as succulent and balanced as what I have grown accustomed to. If I do get this bull dog, will anything change? Will my life be changed in any way other that I just wasted my time driving to overspend on too much food that is bad for me?

Probably not… but I would sure love to find out.

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