How to Eat Like The Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls is a coming-of-age story that centers around the witty and whimsical, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Trying to eat like a Gilmore Girl is nearly impossible. They eat endless junk food, copious amounts of coffee and little to no vegetables. Yet they have flawless skin and aren’t morbidly obese, all on a single mother’s budget. For most of us that isn’t possible. (We would either, run out of money, have a heart attack or stop being able to fit through the door.) Still, somehow they make eating four Thanksgiving meals seem like the right thing to do. It’s because they always have fun eating. Therefore, instead of envying them for eating massive amounts of food that’s bad for you, follow these tips from ‘Gilmore Girls’ to improve your food game.

  • Love the food you eat.

A big part of why Gilmore Girls make you want to eat is that they fully enjoy their food. They are happiest eating and it shows. If you like pop-tarts, eat pop-tarts, don’t restrict your diet to things you hate. Eat things you love, that way when you eat them, you have an overwhelming urge to bop from side to side. Make eating a happy experience that you enjoy completely. Let your food make you happy.

  • Make eating an adventure.

Try that strange food you always wanted to try but thought sounded weird. You eat three meals a day, one bite of a chip and a cheeto together is not going to kill you, might even be delicious. At least now you know it is disgusting, like polenta. Even better, do things like go to your favorite restaurant and order all the appetizers. You always order the potstickers and can’t help wondering about that blooming onion everyone keeps talking about. Order all of it. It’s like going to ‘Al’s Pancake World’, an adventure. You don’t have to like everything, but try it. Plus it will make you an expert in something. Every time you are eating with friends at that restaurant, you can say without a shadow of a doubt, the ‘tuna poke’ is hands down the best appetizer they have. You have done the research, you are an authority.

  • Find your Sookie.

Everyone has one friend who is really into food. They are always cooking, eating and trying new things. This person needs to be your best friend. They are going to open your food world up like no one else and teach you what good food is all about. They are going to feed your soul and your stomach. Foodies love company, an extra set of tastebuds is always appreciated. Also, if you are an authority on appetizers, you bring a unique perspective when testing their experiments.

  • Be a regular at Luke’s.

It doesn’t need to be a diner or even a place you have to pay. It just has to be a place where you love the food and you are a regular. A place where you know everyone and everyone knows you. The kind of place where if you don’t go in a while people check in to make sure everything is okay. Eating is a communal thing and you should do it regularly in a place where you are happy to go and they are happy to see you. Just make sure that if it is a place you don’t pay that you give back in other ways, whether it is doing the dishes, buying groceries every once in a while or dating the owner. Otherwise it won’t be your place for long.

  • Have Friday Night Dinners.

Eating with your loved ones regularly is important. Celebrating special occasions through food is important. Although Lorelai complained about it, she knew ‘Friday Night Dinners’ were important. This looks different for everyone but sitting with important people for a meal brings you together and makes things special. It is a time to talk, eat and bond. Making a event special with food is one of the smallest ways we can show we care, but can have one of the biggest impacts.

It takes a village to eat like a Gilmore. Eating should be an exercise in happiness. Enjoy it and include as many people as possible in the whole experience. Make every meal count towards brightening your day, whether that means quizzes at the dinner table or playing with your tatter tots. Have silly, quirky, fun and remember to talk quickly in between mouthfuls, just like the Gilmores.

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