Street Corner Corn in Ensenada, Mexico

Corn gets me excited in all senses of the word. I love it. It is such a versatile product. I’ve learnt that the best corn is usually found in the most unexpected places. Wandering around the Mexican harbor in Ensenada, I stumbled onto a humble street vender selling my favorite thing in the world. I couldn’t read everything but from what I could see it was corn and that was good enough for me. 

Without hesitation I sacrificed my ten pesos with deep anticipation. I stood there giddy with expectation. First, he filled it halfway with the light yellow corn which I could  instantly tell would not be incredibly sweet, then to my horror he put a dollop of mayonnaise on top of my future lover. Trying not to judge, I looked on with anticipation as to what would happen next. After another spoonful of corn, that was it. However I couldn’t let this monstrosity stay without trying to change it. 

I politely asked for some salt and some more butter to hopefully mask his unnecessary misconduct. He then asked if I wanted any mystery seasoning (possibly to try and cover up his actions). I declined, thinking good corn doesn’t need anything else. I was right, good corn doesn’t need anything else, unfortunately this wasn’t good corn. 

It was hard and husky with hardly enough salt and butter to compensate. It had an undeniably pasty texture which instantly transported me back to my kindergarten days which were of the nontoxic variety. However it was corn, I knew that if I could just give it some time, it could make me happy.

The lesson to be learnt here is that sometimes things you love can betray you. They can straight up do you wrong. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on them. It just means you have to move on with your life and hope it doesn’t happen again. I forgive you my beloved corn. Anyhow, what are your stories of something you love betraying you? Answers are not limited to the edible kind of love.

Street Corner Corn in Ensenada, Mexico

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