My Process for Eating Seafood on The American West Coast.

Going up the American West Coast, you will notice one thing. See food here, See food there, Seafood everywhere. Every place has an award winning something and more chowders in bread bowls than you want to imagine. There is a lot of excellent fresh seafood around, but is it necessary to have 3 identical places right next to each other peddling the same chowder? To some extent the answer is yes.

Not all chowders are the same. There are many very similar products but the truth is, some are exquisite while some are just goop. Growing up on an island I get why fresh fish is the best type of fish, thats not debatable. The real reason you should be eating seafood on the West Coast is the diversity of the dishes.

As I mentioned before, there is a lot of identical stuff floating around. However, theres a lot of different types of seafood and preparations to be had. Fish tacos, lobster rolls, crab cakes and of course the chowder. Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Find a pier filled with places to eat.
  2. Plan two meals.
  3. The first meal, eat everything cheap around that looks good. Oysters, lobster bisque anything that looks fresh and delicious, bonus points if you find saltwater taffy and corn dogs.
  4. The next meal, do some research, find a restaurant that looks like if theres an old fat chef in the back screaming at everyone to do their job while he’s chugging clams.
  5. Pick a dish you could never make but sounds delicious. 
  6. Enjoy.

This way you enjoy everything. The greasy, belly-filling street food you can’t help but love and the finer side of dining which may still be pretty grease and delicious. Quick tip, leave your fish hating friend that is allergic to seafood, home. They will not have a good time and the smell of your breathe at the end of the day may make them nauseous.

My Process for Eating Seafood on The American West Coast.

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