Why I Haven’t ‘Nailed it’.

‘Nailed It’ is Netflix’s competition, baking show hosted by Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres. Three contestants compete in two rounds, where they must recreate different treats based on the theme of the episode. In the first round they must select a different small treat which they recreate, while in the second round there is a cake which they must all try to mimic. The winner takes home $10,000. The kicker is the contestants are amateurs and the cakes are complex projects, which would be an issue for even trained professionals.

‘Nailed It’ is really a comedy competition baking show. The concept is actually pretty awesome. Many of the cooking shows out there make it seem incredibly simple to create astonishing works of art in twenty minutes. However, in reality that cake is supremely difficult and takes a lot of time and skill. This show flips all of that on its head and makes fun of the ridiculousness of many other cooking shows. They pick bad bakers and show that those cakes are almost impossible to recreate if you don’t have the right expertise.

The problem is, this show sends my anxiety through the roof. Watching contestants who are clearly not qualified, try to achieve culinary greatness feels way too real. The show is in it’s third season now and I guess everyone is in on the joke, but I still can’t. I tried again and it is too difficult to watch these poor souls attempt these enormous feats and come away with towers of uncooked batter, covered in sloppy fondant and buttercream. In the couple of episodes I’ve struggled to watched, there’s usually at least one competitor who is genuinely trying and they usually win, but there is always a look in their eyes of pure shame, because they just epically failed on Netflix. I know it isn’t that serious, and I know that it is supposed to be funny, but it puts me on edge in a way that crawls my skin. I should probably force myself to watch the whole series to learn that it is okay to fail and gain a sense of humor but what will probably happen is that I will become more anxious in  the kitchen and be constantly buttering my pans because none of them ever do.

The new season of ‘Nailed It’ is now out on Netflix. If you enjoy people sucking at doing things, this is the show for you. Some of these people really don’t know what the hell they are doing.


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