The Baconk.



How do you solve a problem like the Baconk? This dish has been such a polarizing topic in our society. So much so, that I almost wish it didn’t exist. Almost.

Conkies are a Barbadian Independence Day Tradition. These pastel like treats are, made with cornmeal, coconut, pumpkin, sweet potato and sometime raisins (depending on if you are a good person or not), wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. For some they are one of the most important parts of Independence. ‘If its November and there are no Conkies, is it even really Independence?’ is the sentiment many people feel toward the seasonal delicacy. However, while most good Barbadians debate over the use of raisins, Aeon Bar and Restaurant has decided to flip the table and piss on all things holy.

Enter bacon.

Taking the phrase, ‘Bacon makes it better’ literally, these heathens have wrapped our sacred Independence Day delight and committed sacrilege. The problem is, it’s delicious. The Conkie itself is pretty damn tasty, and as I said before, bacon makes it better, but these heretics decided to take it even one step further, dropping a little dessert sauce on the side of the plate.

Although, it’s obvious these are all gimmicky steps taken to outrage our docile Barbadian population, the truth is Aeon has made the most interesting interpretation of a classic I have ever seen. For better or worse this has changed my perception of the Conkie forever. Raisins be damned. Yes, I feel a little dirty eating it. But I like my dessert with a little bit of shame.

The next issue is that this decadent dessert is only available till the 30th of November (Barbadian Independence). If I were you,I’d leave now.

To check out opening times and availability, contact them on their Facebook page at Aeon Bar and Restaurant.

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