There Is Nothing Sweeter Than ‘The Dessert Museum’ in Manila.

‘The Dessert Museum’ is an eight room walking museum that is sure to delight. All of the rooms are based on different desserts. If this is hard to imagine, try to envision a Willy Wonka type place, where you go to eat sweets. Furthermore, every room is based on a different dessert. As a result, even if you aren’t a big dessert person, you are sure to find at least one room that interests you.

I found ‘The Dessert Museum’ while looking for interesting culinary experiences in the Philippines. Eating in foreign cultures can sometimes be daunting, ordering foreign foods in foreign languages. The best thing to do is find something you know, presented in a way you have never seen before. I know dessert and I love dessert but have never thought, ‘I need 8 rooms dedicated to dessert.’ Luckily not everyone thinks like me. ‘The Dessert Museum’ is one of the most playful and whimsical experiences in food I have ever encountered. Every room is wonderful and totally Instagram-able. The staff is delightful and fully committed to your enjoyment, which makes it even more fun.

Nonetheless, I’m not sure I would call it a museum. There isn’t an emphasis on education. It is cute and fun but, at best you will discover a couple of interesting facts as opposed to learning significant information that changes the way you view dessert. Rather, it was more like an amusement park with fun things to do that people may look at you weird for doing on the outside. Furthermore, the desserts are not gourmet plated desserts. They are prepackaged treats that you can eat while you explore. All together this creates an entertaining experience however, if you go in with unrealistic expectations you may be disappointed. It is more of a playground for kid as opposed to an archive for adults.

‘The Dessert Museum’ is a delightful time for anyone with a little whimsy in their heart. I fully encourage going with children so you have an excuse to fully participate. Not saying you can’t go play in a ball pit, I’m just saying you may get less bewildered stares if you have a kid with you. Also, make sure to take your camera, taking fun pictures is one of the best parts. And remember, at ‘The Dessert Museum’ it is very important to play with your food.


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  1. Will have to look out for this museum when I’m next in Manila

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    1. HowWeEat says:

      Please do. It is lovely!

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