The Most Important Restaurant in Barbados: Chefette.

Chefette is the most important restaurant in Barbados. It is the local fast-food chain that  serves everything from burgers and fries to rotis and their casual dining section ‘BBQ-Barn’ even has pork chops and macaroni pie. So we are clear, I love Chefette. Personally, there is nothing quite like a ‘Broasted Chicken Bubbie Sandwich’ on a warm Sunday afternoon on Accra Beach. This experience is one of the things I miss most when traveling. Their signature ‘Broasted Chicken’, is simply fried chicken that has been cooked under a pressure fryer. The difference is subtle, but so damn good. It’s the definition of crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Now if you visit Barbados and don’t go to Chefette, you haven’t really visited Barbados. The fast food chain can only be found here, so don’t try to cheat. Their trademark yellow and purple are iconic and could never be copied with the same success. There are fifteen branches spread out around the island so it shouldn’t be hard to find one, and when you go, trust me, you won’t regret it. If you want Bajan street cred get the broasted chicken breast sandwich, six piece nuggets and chips with a mauby. Extra points if you call it a ‘Chicken Bubbie Sandwich’. But if there’s a special get the ‘Wing Dings’. Six dings, chips and a coke… and the sauce. Always use the sauce. It makes the meal, it’s like if hot-sauce and ketchup had a perfect baby.

In conclusion, if you are ever hungry in Barbados just go up to a taxi driver and say, “Take me to Chefette” and all will be right with the world. If you want to look them up online, go to Find the closest location to you, give them a call and order everything on the menu.


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  1. Kristy says:

    Agreed Chefette is a must whenever I am in Barbados. Wish I was there right now to head down to a Chefette!!

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    1. HowWeEat says:

      Well, here’s hoping you get a chance to visit soon!


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