Cafe Mitra, Restaurant and Bar for Date Night in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kathmandu isn’t generally thought of as a romantic spot in comparison to Venice, Hawaii  or France however, I don’t think anyone gave Cafe Mitra that memo. I went there for a quiet dinner and it felt like I fell into a first date in a romantic comedy, although I was by myself. The setting was perfect. The entrance was a quiet alleyway leading to candle lit tables, while John Legend played in the background. I wasn’t feeling particularly romantic since I had a runny nose but the ambience definitely put me in the mood to treat myself.

The menu is mostly made up with ‘western’ bistro fare. It isn’t straight up reproductions of what you may find in Europe, but more like interpretations from Nepal. As a result, you feel comfortable enough with the menu to order, and the food is different enough to pleasantly surprise you. On a whole, the food is solid. One of the more unexpected  elements I tasted was the bread to go with the tomato soup. At first I thought it was a ciabatta, however it was actually a more dense bread. There was still some crispiness on the outside, however there was a meatiness on the inside that was very enjoyable.

After sitting down and ordering I was able to really take it all in. The atmosphere was very intimate. There’s a certain chill in the air but there is a heater at the center of it all. Sitting right by it, is the perfect place to get toasty with your significant other. The warmth, soft candle lighting, gentle love songs and tasty, familiar food does everything to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and amicable. If you are coming back from trekking around Nepal and your relationship is in need of a little resuscitation after spending too much time together in a difficult situation, make sure to plan a dinner at Cafe Mitra. Your future kids will thank me.

If you are interested visit their Tripadvisor page, here. Make sure to let them know who sent you.


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