Why It Is Okay To Order Pineapple Fried Rice In Bali.

No doubt you have tasted fried rice before, usually with some meat. It’s the perfect dish where you can get a belly full and go Asian without getting too Asian. It is familiar Asian food. Now, I dare you to go to Bali and order the same dish.

First of all, the presentation is much different. In an attempt to not waste anything and to make sure they remember what you ordered, it comes in the hulled out pineapple. Next you will quickly become acquainted with a shit-ton of condiments on your plate that you never expected. Nuts, chillies, garlic, crispy onions and fish sauce to name a few. The reason for all of these on the side, is to ensure that if the chef didn’t get it exactly right, you can do it yourself. Last but not least, you will notice bacon on top. Why bacon? Probably because they have no respect for anything you know. More realistically, because bacon makes everything better. So you’ve finally mixed everything together and then you realize there’s even more lurking in this dish. Seasonings. There isn’t just a mixture of soy sauce in this fried rice. There are spices laced through out with several sauces. A little masala of cumin, garlic and black pepper next to oyster sauce.

This dish isn’t just a throw away Asian-American dish put on the menu to please the most sheltered western travelers. A simple fried rice, done well can change the way you see things. Never feel guilty for ordering the fried rice, yes it is safe but sometimes you will get something unexpectedly amazing and be glad you did. Just remember not every fried rice you order will be this bomb, but still give it a shot, you never know. This Pineapple Fried Rice is an expression of a culture that is influenced by many different cultures that manages to dance whimsically on your tastebuds and I am here for it.


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