Discovering Wally’s Smokehouse, Trinidad.

Driving around Trinidad my cousin pointed out a smoke house that he wanted to try. Being a man with impeccable taste for meats, I was instantly intrigued. We passed it at first, but on our way back, tired and rather starved, we made one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. We stopped at ‘Wally’s Smokehouse’.

There’s a few meats on the menu that I didn’t expect, like lamb, but I guess in Trinidad, lamb is more common than you would expect. Based on what I was smelling, I got the impression these guys knew what they were doing, so I went along for the ride.  Ultimately their selection was fairly good and we ended up getting the chicken, ribs and lamb.

The minute I saw my chicken I knew this was going to be a proper treat. The chicken was cooked perfectly, the skin had a crisp to be in awe of, while the meat wasn’t dry at all. I’ve got to say, my questioning lamb on the menu was a bad call. The lamb was seasoned to perfection and impeccably cooked. Delicious.

When I finished my feast of food, we had a chance to talk with the man himself, Wally. Talking to him you knew he cared about his technique and everything was done with deliberate intent. He chatted about the potatoes he preferred for the fries, how his meat guy cut the lamb too small and that he may know one of my uncles. Only in the Caribbean can you just go for lunch at a random place and realize they know your family. Great Food. Great People. What more can you ask for?


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