Our Method for Eating Tacos

Did you know that hard shell tacos are actually an American concept? Mexican tacos are traditionally soft. For this method, I shall be talking specifically about soft shell tacos or ‘real’ tacos. Hard shell tacos are a whole other ball game.

Tacos aren’t just standardized dishes that you order and just eat as they come. It’s similar to Korean BBQ where you get the base and a bunch of condiments. In this sense every taco can be a ‘choose your own destiny adventure’. Salty, sweet, spicy? All within reach. I assume that after some time you can figure out exactly what you like and the exact portions to make the perfect taco. I haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I am doing the legwork. 

This is what I’d suggest based on my limited experience. Start with shredded pork, squeeze a lime on top for a bit of citrus and tanginess. Then, proceed to add a bit of tamarind sauce for sweetness. Next, you want some pico de galo, the tomatoes will add a bit of fresh moisture and the onions will add a bit of necessary crunch. After you are going to need a bit of guacamole. A good ‘guac’ will be creamy, slightly citrus and salty. Now, you can pick which hot sauce you would like. Personally, I’ve grown to appreciate a good medium sauce. I like something that can challenge your body temperature but will still allow you to taste the next bite. I’d suggest just three dots. This allows for a bit of variety. Spice in the start, middle and end. It’s a personal choice every man has to make. Remember, everything should be placed exactly in the center so you can raise, roll and enjoy.

Now, if you don’t experience the perfect combination of sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, spicy and zesty, well then try again till you get it right. Everyone’s journey is different. Vaya con Dios. 


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