Hanoi’s Hippest Restaurant: Chops.

Chops is a testimony to the fact that the hipster movement is real. Found in the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam this fantastic food outlet could be at home in any metropolitan city. The burgers are homemade, the beer is craft and the vibe is cool. The truth is, there are probably about 100 reasons why Chops is a safe haven for displaced westerners in Vietnam, but here are just a few reasons why I think it works.

For one, the menu is accessible. There are loads of things on there that you may know from home. Being away and adventurous for some time, it is just nice to see old favorites. Burgers, salads and some bistro styled dishes. They all taste good and remind you of great flavors from home. It may not taste exactly like at home, but for the most part you have an idea of what you are getting.

Furthermore, there is an overwhelmingly comfortable and welcoming vibe. There are quite a few reasons for someone to feel at home here. From the music selection to the smiling staff. Everything just screams ‘Hang out here!’ However, it isn’t trying too hard. That isn’t an easy feeling to cultivate. Everyone wants to feel welcomed, but it is rarely achieved on such a genuine level.

It is a hipster haven. When you look around, you see a great mixture of locals and foreigners but there is one common factor; everyone looks cool. Not in a pretentious way, more in the way that you want to order a craft beer, make friends, sit down all day and hang out. It is important for a business to know their clientele and Chops has managed to earn the most exclusive crowd of all, The Hipster Crowd. I believe the accessible menu and welcoming vibe have perfectly come together, to create this hipster haven beautifully. People gravitate towards places that look like a good time, and Chops does a good job of doing just that.

If you are ever in Hanoi, make sure you visit (and you better try the mushrooms they are absolutely delicious.) Find them online at www.chops.vn.


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