Please Visit Mrs. Moore in St. Kitts

Seeing as how most of the food on a Carnival Cruise is free, it is very rare that I will pay for anything outside. St. Kitts is different. You must visit Mrs. Moore: Eat To Live Snackette.

If you are lucky enough to be wandering around the sea port in St. Kitts. To the left of the National Museum is a little snackette, run exclusively by Mrs. Moore. A stunningly beautiful woman in the prime of her life, feeding the masses. I haven’t been in St. Kitts for long and I won’t be staying here for much longer, but every time I return I will be looking for Mrs. Moore. Her Johnny Cakes are the stuff of legend.

I got a Johnny Cake (bake) with saltfish. A favorite of mine. I wasn’t prepared for the fluffy Johnny Cake I got. I love bakes but this is something from another world. I almost feel like I can use it as a pillow to keep away those sleepless nights. Filled to the brim with saltfish, lettuce and cucumber, this $4 US treat is a steal. While you are at it, get 3 Stags for $10. The perfect deal for a lazy afternoon in St. Kitts. Just make sure if you get there and there is no line, run and order. I’ve seen first hand, there is usually always a line.

Plus, free wifi! Just ask Mrs. Moore for the password. Make sure to tell her How We Eat sent you. What are your favorite spots in St. Kitts to eat? Any places we should visit after leaving Mrs. Moore’s Eat To Live Snackette?



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  1. It looks delicious. Will definitely look for the snackette should I return to St. Kitts. Your post was an interesting read and informative. Thanks for the rec.

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    1. HowWeEat says:

      Any time! You should definitely check it out if you get the chance. Thanks for reading!


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