What I’m Reading Right Now: Cooking For Geeks

Sometimes I like to read cookbooks like they are novels. Start from the beginning and just read it through. You would be surprised what you can pick up from reading recipes that you will never make. It also lets you get a better view of a chef, reading all of their material.

Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Porter, reads more like a good text book rather than a cook book. It’s not just recipes. There’s explanations, insights and even a bit of food philosophy. I’ve barely gotten through the first chapter and it feels like I know this guy and would love to have him over for dinner. It’s not all science based, but most of it does have some research, which I appreciate.

If you are interested in the science of cooking, you should definitely take a look. Hopefully, I will be able to finish this book quickly. Either way, how do you read cook books? Are there any great cook books you would suggest?


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