Five Ways to Make All Your Drinks Look Like Christmas

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Everyone is in a good mood and people take the time to make an effort. Everything gets a facelift for Christmas and your drinks should be the same. Use these tips to make your drinks look like they are brimming with Christmas cheer.

  1. Rim The Tops.

Rimming the tops of drinks is a classic way to make them look great. Sugar and salt are the standard. Regular salt and sugar can make your drinks look frosted easily. For an added touch get colored sugar. Green and red colored sugar are a simple touch that will make your drinks look extra christmasy easily. If you want to take it even further, crush some peppermint candy into very small pieces and use that to rim your drinks.

  1. Use A Candy Cane To Stir

Another great tip is to use a candy cane as a drink stirrer. For tall glasses use a full candy cane and for a shorter low ball glasses try mini candy canes. This trick is good for drinks that you also want to give a small Christmas taste to. The longer the candy cane stays in the drink the longer it will melt.

  1. Colored Ice

Add a drop or two of food coloring to your water and stir it in before you freeze it in an ice tray. This will created colored ice which you can use in your cocktails for some Christmas flair. This works especially well with frozen cocktails or slushy type drinks where you blend the ice. Making a frozen margarita with green ice, is a Christmas treat everyone will appreciate.

  1. Ribbon Around The Glass

After all the gifts have been wrapped there is always left over ribbon. No matter how exact you try to be there is always extra. This year use that extra ribbon to tie around your drinks and make them all look like presents. Even better, use the ribbon to tie on a name card to personalize each drink, so no one forgets which drink is for them. This is a great idea for glasses with a stem for example wine glasses, where it would be easy to slip on a piece of ribbon.

  1. Sugar cookies on the side.

Since it is Christmas you will probably be making sugar cookies. With the left over dough make smaller cookies with a slit on the side to put on the rims of your drinks. This is a great decoration and garnish for your drinks. This works best with milky drinks that pair well with cookies such as hot chocolate or Baileys. For an even more festive feel, you can use small cookie cutters like Christmas trees and you can decorate the cookies as well. This is a drink and dessert all in one!

Spreading Christmas cheer is always fun and with these decoration ideas for your drinks it can be a little easier. With a little preparation all your drinks can look like a scrumptious Christmas treat. Everyone you have over this season will appreciate the extra time and effort put into making their drinks a little more festive.

This article was originally published in Fine Cuisine Magazine. Pick up your copy today. Also for more articles like this one check out


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