Make A ‘Must Eat’ List.


Coping with being indoors is hard. Missing your favorite foods sucks. But DO NOT pine. Sooner or later this will all be over, and you will be able to spend all your money on food again. Whenever you get a craving, write it down, assert that you will eat it again, let it go and move on.

When this is all over you have your list and you can systematically eat everything you wanted.

As inspiration, I am going to put my list here. Feel free to comment, but remember, don’t judge me, cause you can’t eat like me.

The Most Epic Must Eat List Ever

  • Chefette – Broasted chicken breast sandwich, quarter pound burger, wing dings, mauby, pineapple juice, leg and thigh snack box
  • KFC – Colonel’s choice sandwich, popcorn chicken, corn on the cob, coleslaw and fries, apple pie, leg and thigh snack box (they better have biscuits)
  • Nishi – Thai seafood bisque, Godzilla roll
  • Bento Box – California roll, tofu pocket
  • Cold Banks on the beach
  • Mojo’s – rum and coconut water
  • Wing Kwong Restautant – Macaroni pie, veg fried rice and chicken stew, chicken soup, souse, black bean chicken, plantain, fried fish, pickle, coleslaw, sliced pork, baked turkey, gravy
  • Tagore’s – Paneer makhani
  • Pizza Man Doc – Large meat pizza (preferably eaten at the Drive-in.)
  • The Drive-In – Fries (covered in mayonnaise and ketchup), mixed soft serve ice-cream, brownies, popcorn, fountain coke
  • Golden China Restaurant – Beef and broccoli, General Tso’s chicken, canton style sweet and sour chicken, wantons, chicken fried rice
  • My mom – Pelau, stew chicken, dhal and rice, red bean stew, lentil stew, curry chicken, white rice, corn
  • Mapp’s Rotisserie – Leg and thigh snack with extra sauce
  • R-tic Ice-cream – Soursop ice-cream

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