Mourning Going Out To Eat.


Things suck right now and it is okay to miss the little things in life which you love. Eating out is a big part of my life. Whether it is a nice dinner for a birthday, fast food because I’m too lazy to cook or a pick-me-up scoop of ice-cream because I’m worth it. I miss being able to go out, see friends and order off a menu. Being indoors for an extended period of time is difficult. While I am lucky enough to be able to cook well and do enjoy it, I don’t always enjoy eating my own food. Sometimes, I legitimately hate it. However, for the foreseeable future this is what has to happen.

Not being able to eat out feels like I have lost something very dear to me. Eating out may not seem like a big deal, but it is the way that I interact with the world. Since this whole ordeal started I feel very disconnected. This is to be expected with social distancing and isolation. However, not being able to interact with the world the way that I am accustomed, makes me feel lost. Being restricted has shown me how important eating out really is.

Being able to say that eating out is an important part of my life reminds me of how fortunate I am. I get so much from going out and eating. Some people get excited to go out and dance, some people like to be active and exercise, I am an eater. It fuels my social interactions, my creativity and my happiness. There is nothing quite like sharing a meal with people you like. It feeds your soul in a way that is worth much more than the price of the food. Although, it isn’t just about going out to a restaurant and buying food. I am surrounded by people who love to cook and share food with the people in their lives. We always have a reason to share food and drinks even if it is just to say ‘I miss you.’ Without all of that, I can feel myself withering.

My creativity is stunted because I am limited to the ingredients I was fortunate enough to buy beforehand or bought on my weekly trip to the supermarket. If I am missing an ingredient I just do without, because a quick trip to the supermarket isn’t possible. Also, inspiration derived from other people’s work is limited. Food is an art that must be tasted and there is only so much seeing can do. Furthermore, my cravings are very much linked to my feelings. When I am in a bad mood I like to gorge myself on copious amounts of fast food, fall into a food coma and wake up feeling better. It may not be the healthiest system, but it works when all else fails and I know how to manage it. Similarly, when I am in a good mood I usually have an overwhelming desire to bake. Baking has always been an expression of my affection. Unfortunately, I’ve been in a serious yearning for fast food and no desire to bake.

Luckily, I know this is all just a matter of time. This will all be over soon. We can go back to eating, drinking and being merry. It will take time for everything to get back to normal and I don’t think things will ever be exactly the same. Nonetheless, I do hope we will soon be toasting the end of isolation and the COVID-19 threat over a bucket of fried chicken. Either way, chug on my eaters. Stay happy, eat healthy and be safe.



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