After two years of hard work we are almost about to make a huge milestone for the blog. 100 Followers! We are currently at 99 followers and it would be awesome if we could make it to 100 followers today. Please like and share any past post you think your friends may like to read. Hopefully, they will follow the blog too. Those small acts go an incredibly long way.

If you haven’t already, click here to join us on Facebook and here for Instagram. We post different things on both Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook is filled with memes  and funny content, while our Instagram is jam packed with food photography. Join all three places to not miss anything, and make sure to use #HowWeEat!

Regardless, thank you to everyone who supports the blog. This is a passion project and every read is appreciated. Each follower is special and we couldn’t be more grateful for our readers. Thanks to all of you, hope you have a belly full of happy!



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