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Trolling around the internet you are going to find some hidden gems. Recently, I found an interesting Reddit feed, r/52WeeksOfCooking. It is the perfect antidote to a boring five recipe rotation. Every week is a new theme, which challenges your creativity and cooking ability.

It is easy to get trapped in a recipe funk. When you are busy it is nice to have reliable recipes that you can always count on. However, to become a better cook you have to try new things. There is a certain level of creativity you have to possess in order to tackle a theme like, Week 14: April 1st -April 7th: Alphabet.

These guys came up with some great stuff. Ranging from an ‘ABCDE’ sandwich (avocado, bacon, cheese, dijon, egg) to coffee marinate pork with sweet potato mash and asparagus. The reasoning behind this dish was writing down twenty-six recipes each starting with a different letter then randomly picking one letter and making that dish. ‘C’ was the letter, so coffee marinated pork it is. It is all up to interpretation. If you can justify it, go for it.

If you are interested in following the thread, find it here. It is great being part of a community of creative cooks being whimsical and having fun with each other. Right now it is, Week 15: April 8th-April 15th: Beans. My idea is a delicious, Mexican bean salad. What are your ideas? Leave them in the comments below.


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