2021 r/52WeeksOfCooking

The New Year is in full swing and now is the time to jump on the r/52WeeksOfCooking bandwagon. r/52WeeksOfCooking is a Reddit feed that has a new theme every week, encouraging you to make dishes based on the theme. It is great fun to learn and test your creativity in the kitchen.

The theme for the Week 1 is Last Meal. What would you make for your last meal? Maybe you want to make someone else’s famous last meal, or what is the last meal you would make with friends before you go into lockdown? Anything goes. I posted corn for my last meal because, I love corn and if there is one thing I would want to eat before I ‘kick the bucket’ it is corn.

The schedule so far is:

  • Week 1: Jan 1-7: Last Meal
  • Week 2: Jan 8-14: Meat Substitute
  • Week 3: Jan 15 – 21: Indonesian
  • Week 4: Jan 22 – 28: Confit

More will be added as the year goes on. I look forward to see what they have planned. This reddit feed reminds me of Top Chef Quickfire challenges. It is different but as someone who loves that show it is cool to fantasize about what you would make in a themed test.

To check out my first post about r/52WeeksOfCooking, click here. Also, make sure to like this post and follow the blog for similar content. There is also a Facebook page and Instagram page to be a bigger part of our foodie community!

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