Please Eat Healthy During The COVID-19 Crisis.


The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis is a global concern that can make you feel helpless. While one person can not solve the problem alone, each person has the power to manage their personal situation. The World Health Organization (WHO) has outlined basic advice for the general public such as, regular washing of hands, social distancing and avoiding touching your face. All of which are reasonable requests to stop the spread of this pandemic. In addition to these suggestions they have released some suggestions on coping with stress in relation to COVID-19.


Of these suggestions, ‘maintaining a healthy lifestyle – including proper diet, sleep and exercise’ may be one of the best things we can do to personally manage the current situation. Everyone should be trying to live a healthy lifestyle, unfortunately that seems almost impossible with the demands of modern life. Furthermore, there was no immediate danger from living an unhealthy life.

Consider the COVID-19 Pandemic your personal wake up call. Staying healthy is no longer just a good suggestion, now it is an requirement. Many of the suggestions put forward are basic hygiene and lifestyle measures which are obtainable with practice.

Start with healthier eating practices. Thoughtful consumption of food will help us to stay healthy. Fruits and vegetables in a balanced diet are the best ways to keep our bodies strong. Taking measures to avoid being infected are important, while being healthy if a disease hits may help lessen its impact. We have little control over what is happening globally, but we do have some control over the way we react. To get started, these are the World Health Organization’s Five Keys to a Healthy Diet.


These keys are a good place to begin eating healthier. It takes time and practice to form good habits especially in relation to food. Nevertheless, small changes can make a big impact leading to a healthier lifestyle. COVID-19 is a global issue but we all have power to help the situation. Watching what we eat and making healthy food choices is a fantastic way to continuously make a difference. Everyone should be trying to do most of these things already, now is the time to take it seriously. Eat well and stay healthy.

For more healthy tips and to stay informed on the Coronavirus issue, please visit the World Health Organization’s website.

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  1. Jo says:

    Such good information! A great reminder!

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