Five Things Foodies Can Do In Quarantine.


Presently, everyone should be in some level of quarantine because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, life still has to go on. Eating out is off the table for most foodies however, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy great food.  If anything, this is an incredible opportunity to find out what really goes into creating the good food that we love, and to start developing better eating habits. Here are a few things every foodie can do while in lock down.

  • Cook at home

No going outside means most meals are going to come from home. The great thing is that you know all your favorite dishes and now you have the chance to perfect them. There is no better cure for a dull day than a good pick-me-up meal. Many of us buy quite a bit of food, this is a chance to save some money while developing our skills. When you truly love food, it can be incredibly gratifying to cook for hours. Especially, when you are doing it simply for the love of food. This is just the occasion to remember why food is so awesome.

  • Learn

If you don’t cook, now is the perfect opportunity to learn. Learning to cook takes time and effort. In our busy lives that is not possible. Luckily, since we need to keep to ourselves, now we can put in the work. Instead of suffering from missing out on our favorite dishes, this is an opportunity to learn how to make them. It may not be as good as what you usually buy, however at least you will learn something new and hopefully it will give you a greater appreciation for the food you buy. If you already have skills in the kitchen may I suggest doing some research? There are many interesting topics in food to explore. We should all be paying attention to what we are consuming. You do not have to agree with everything happening, but it is good to be educated. If you are interested in those topics check out, ‘What The Health’ on Netflix or, if you are like me and appreciate some great food philosophy, Chef David Chang’s, ‘Ugly Delicious’ just brought out a new season, also found on Netflix.

  • Clean out the fridge and pantry

Since you will be cooking more, this is also the perfect time to clean the fridge and pantry. Most of us are stockpiling goods because we need to ensure necessary supplies are readily available. It is good to be well stocked, however we need space for the new stuff, also we need to make sure to use the old stuff before it expires. Now is the perfect time to clear out anything that may have expired and use everything we have. Special items we save for elaborate recipes can be used because the ingredients and time are now available to us. Instead of just spending money on new items, use what you have already and cut down on wastage. Cluttered fridges can ruin a fun cooking experience, take some time to stop that from happening.

  • Buy fresh ingredients

Making space in our pantries and fridges also allows us to make space for fresh ingredients which will keep us healthy during the current health crisis. It is good to have an adequate supply of can goods that will last for a while. However, since we are limiting trips to the supermarket, consider buying fresh ingredients and cooking them first. When it comes to health, fresh food is best. There are some foods which are significantly better eaten as soon as they are prepared. Fresh salads should always be eaten as soon as possible and are a fantastic way to stay health. Fresh, delicious food requires fresh ingredients.

  • Share what’s cooking

Most of us are suffering from very little human interaction. Unfortunately, that is just something we are going to have to deal with for the time being. Luckily, we still have communication. Check in on friends and family to make sure they are all okay. We finally have the free time to catch up. If you are cooking, feel free to share it on social media. We can’t Instagram all the cool places we are eating, so we might as well share what we are cooking instead. Yes, social distancing is important however community is also important. Don’t loose touch with your people, because you have to stay indoors. Show them you are taking care of yourself and make sure they are doing the same. Just remember to #HowWeEat.

Thoughtful cooking is a wonderful way to make an impact on the world. This may feel like a hopeless time, but it may actually be the moment in time we needed to change our relationship with food for the better. Food should fuel our bodies and feed our souls, not drain our pockets and ruin our bodies. Stay in doors, eat healthy and cook happy.

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