The Three Sisters Garden

Once upon a time, there were three wild sisters; Corn, Beans and Squash. They lived together in a field away from strangers. The sisters were all different but loved each other dearly. The first sister, Corn, was tall, beautiful and protective. While the second sister, Squash, enjoyed spending her time bathing in the sun and dancing in the wind. Finally, the last sister, Beans, was small and very close to her eldest sister constantly climbing all over her.

One day a boy came wandering into their field. The Boy was frail and seem to be lost. The three sister watched the boy carefully, interested in everything he did. They saw the Boy had a good nature, but were happy when he eventually left. Although the sisters were glad the Boy left, they couldn’t help wondering where he came from and what he was looking for.

The next day the smallest sister, Beans, was gone. Her sisters were grief-stricken. They didn’t know if Beans went looking for the Boy and got lost or if she had been kidnapped. Corn and Squash didn’t know what to do. They wanted to find their sister, but they didn’t want to leave their field in case she came back to them.

As morning broke two days later, Corn realized her second sister was gone too. She was heartbroken. To lose both of her sister was her greatest fear. She decided to set out and find her younger sisters and bring them back to their field, scared of what may happen to them without her protection.

After a week of searching, Corn came to a house, on a field with a fence all around it. She watched the house for a few hours then saw the Boy come out. She quickly pounced on him. Immediately her sisters came out to stop her.

Then Beans told Corn what happened. She was roaming around and got lost. She couldn’t find her way back to their field, when the boy found her. He took care of her and brought her back to his home. He had been out looking for food, so Beans decided to make food for him. Every day they would go searching but to no avail.

Squash, on the other hand, was scared for her sister. She went out looking for her in the night. When she found her with the Boy, the three of them decide to go back to the field to get Corn, but she was no where to be found. The three of them came back to the Boy’s house, searching every day.

Corn was so happy to be reunited with her sisters. The three of them vowed to always stay together. They also decide to stay with the Boy in his house. As a special thank you for keeping the sisters safe, they planted a garden of corn, squash and beans. The Boy never went hungry again because the plants were perfectly balanced to create a healthy diet. They all took care of each other and lived happily ever after.

The End.

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