The Current State of Affairs

The truth is this blog has not turned out the way that I wanted it to. I wanted it to be a place where I jotted down pearls of wisdom about the culinary world that held massive amounts of perception, which I couldn’t even see the value of until everyone praised it for being incredibly insightful, a work of art even. However, that never happened. Instead I started having anxiety over how unpolished and incoherent everything I wrote came out.

As a result we are taking a new direction. It won’t look good or even be that interesting, nonetheless it must be made. Hopefully out of its creation we can find some ‘pearls of wisdom’ that we can use later on.

This blog won’t be for everyone. Or better yet, the people who it is for, may not always agree with what is on here. But it will be a place you can go to sound off on one of the most important and regular activities we do, eating.

Everyone here has an opinion and is allowed to share theirs. Consider this our virtual dinner table, where you are always welcome and there is always space for more. This is a conversation, where we will always feel respected, especially when we disagree.

We spend our whole lives eating, but some of us never appreciate it fully. Let’s try to see the potential in every bite. Welcome to ‘How We Eat.’

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